About Us

Visiting Russia wants to help you navigate the bureaucratic hurdles and enjoy a trip to Russia.  For about twenty years after the end of the Cold War a trip to Russia was simple and easy, but in the last few years all of that has changed.

Russia has reinstituted all of the onerous regulations from the Brezhnev-era and they might have even added a couple of new ones.  So, Russian travel is no longer fast, easy, or simple.

So, we try to give you clues on how to avoid the biggest hassles and still have a fun time without being unduly hassled by the border police.  I am assuming that very few of our readers want to be repeatedly patted down by overweight, half-drunk, nicotine stained border guards.  If you do this is probably the wrong site for you.

Russian Tourism

This site is about traveling to Russia for relaxation, personal growth, and business.  Russia is a stunningly beautiful country, perhaps the most beautiful country in the world, and it deserves a lot more outdoor loving tourist from the deep blue waters of Lake Baikal, across the vast forests of Siberia, and down into the snowcapped Caucus Mountains there is an incredible abundance of nearly every type of terrain imaginable in Russia.

Except for tropical beaches and jungles Russia has beautiful examples of every type of terrain and many of these amazing natural features are still almost unknown and undeveloped.  Russia is an incredible opportunity for you to feel like a true explorer, because vast portions of this massive country are nearly uninhabited.

Or if history is more your cup of tea Russia is a wash with history.  From the beautiful white marble palaces of St. Petersburg to the onion domes of the Kremlin there is a cavalcade of stunning old buildings in a variety of architectural styles.

Then there are the battlefields from Borodino, where Napoleon was checked, to Kursk, the site of the largest tank battle in the history if the world where Hitler was stopped there are a slew of battlefields from wars against the Teutonic Knights to the Nazis.  There is far too much for anyone to visit in less than a couple of years.

Business In Russia

And many people still want to do business in Russia today.  It is not simple generally.  The government of Vladimir Putin has not exactly rolled out the red carpet for European and American businessmen, but if you have the right set of skills and connections there are still a lot of great opportunities for foreign businessmen.

Most of the opportunities are in oil and gas production or the industries that support oil and gas production, but also in mining, timber, and heavy industries like steel, aluminum, and farm machinery.

Russia is also a center of the aerospace industry.  Today no country can match Russian space launch capabilities.  And in certain niches, for instance in very short takeoff and landing planes widely used in the Third World, Russian aircraft are still top sellers.

Russian Mail Order Brides

This is one of the strongest draws to Russia for many men: beautiful women.  Russian mail order brides exploded during the chaos of the early post-communist years, but the tradition continues because marrying a foreigner is still a great was for a beautiful young Russian woman to improve her lot in life.

Most Russian women today have a cousin, aunt, or school friend who married a foreigner and lives in North America, Europe, or Australia.  They know that women have far more legal rights and they hear good reports on the quality of life.

They are not desperate.  This is not 1994, but Russian women still sign up for mail order bride sites in drove hoping to find prince charming.

Whatever reason you want to travel to Russia we want to assist you with good information and knowledgeable advice.